The Outdoor Explorer's Guide

People go outdoors for five major reasons -- to explore, to seek challenge, to exercise, to observe, and to be social.  I intend to show the incredible range of activities possible -- stuff people can do locally or around the world. It is phenomenal Here is a sample of the more unusual of the sports profiled below.  Hope you enjoy this website, I designed it to be the most comprehensive listing of (mostly) non-competitive outdoor activities available.  What's New

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Challenge Propelled Activities | Competition | Artistry | How to Go | Overcoming Conditions | Endurance

Exercise Best Activities for Fitness | Diet

Observe Living World | Geology | Atmospheric Optics | Astronomy | Recording | Using Your Senses | From Other Worlds

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Low Gravity Other worlds with their low gravities and other things alter the way you can get amazing ways.  This mismash of articles below will give you some clues what low gravity is like.

 Low Gravity(Doc) | Traction(Spreadsheet) | Old Article: Transportation on Low Gravity Worlds | Locomotion in Reduced Gravity(link) | Spreadsheet | Slope Energy(xls) | Low Gravity 2(Doc) |
Low Gravity Spreadsheet

(Not being worked on.  As is.  Most of the site is currently an index, some things may be confusing, but there are some essays that might be of interest.  There are no images on the site but external links will have images so that you can figure out what I am talking about.)