Ontario Field Naturalist's ToolchestGardening
Wild About Gardening Gardening & attracting wildlife
Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat
Gardens North Seeds for the world (Canadian seedhouse)
Old Field Garden and Wildflower Nursery On-going landscape restoration project 65 kilometers south of Ottawa

Wildlife Rehabilitation
Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory
Electronic Zoo / NetVet
For the Birds (Neil & Joan Biggs) [legacy site, feeding birds]

Attracting Wildlife
Wild About Gardening Gardening & attracting wildlife

Attracting Birds
Backyard Birding (detailed)

Attracting Moths
WDNR - Moth Watching

Attracting Butterflies
WDNR - Butterfly Watching
NABA - Butterfly Gardens & Habitats

Attracting Dragonflies
Odes for Beginners: You can create a dragonfly pond
Biggs Wildlife Pond
NWF: Natural Gardening - Attracting Aerial Acrobats to Your Yard

Gardens to Visit
Guelph Arboretum Specialized gardens with trails, diversity of wildlife featured
The Royal Botanical Gardens