Ontario Field Naturalist's Toolchest
Discussions on the internet come in three main forms.  The oldest format is the Usenet.  The Usenet has over 30000 discussion groups.  To use Usenet you need a separate program. XNews is a great Usenet reader.  Forums are an integrated collection of related discussions groups and in my opinion the nicest option on the internet.  Groups aka lists are individual discussion groups.  Yahoo Groups has the largest collection of groups on the internet.  Unfortunately finding local groups on a specific topic for a specific region can be difficult.  So my list of available Yahoo Groups is likely incomplete.

BirdForum  Covers birds mostly but also covers most catagories in nature.  Large amount of traffic, particularily from Europe.  Plenty of other resources.
Birder's World Community  Less traffic than BirdForum but most participants are from USA or Canada.

Usenet Groups
alt.binaries.birds | alt.binaries.birdwatching | alt.binaries.multimedia.birds.of.prey
alt.birdwatching | alt.birdwatching.clubs | alt.birdwatching.ducks | alt.birdwatching.bluebirds | alt.birdwatching.hummingbirds | alt.birdwatching.optics | alt.birdwatching.owls | | alt.birdwatching.raptors | alt.birdwatching.songbirds

Butterfly Digest A convenient website where you can look up recent messages in the following five groups (plus others groups out of our area)
Leps-L The Lepidoptera Listserver, a general purpose electronic forum for those with an interest in butterflies and moths.
TILS-moth-rah All about moths
Ont-Odes Ontario dragonflies and damselflies
gl_odonata Great Lakes Odonata
Odonata-L Dragonfly biology
NEodes Not Ontario but close
Ontario Butterflies 
Ontario Moths

BugGuide.Net forum 
Butterfly-pix | | |

Field Herp Forum An USA and Canadian forum for herps.  Has an Ontario chapter.

Fern forum (from American Fern Society)
Northern Country Morals (Michagan)